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The thing that makes Red River stand out from other Logistics Companies is that we give each and every shipment personalized service-- and it all starts at the quote. When quoting your load, our rate department researches the history of your particular lane of traffic, the current trends, and considers your needs in terms of timing and budget. Rest assured the price we give you will be fair, precise, and more importantly, will get you a truck.

Once you release your shipment to us, right away your load is assigned a Dispatcher and a Customer Service Representative. They will track your load in a six-stage process, using our state-of-the-art software. There is constant communication between the driver and our team, so there are no last minute surprises. Also, our software will automatically send you a confirmation email when your load arrives at its destination.

Stellar communication, a well-vetted staff, and a drive for excellence in every detail have kept Red River Transportation in business for over twenty years. Maybe that’s why we have such intensely loyal customers!   See their testimonials here

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