Our commitment to customer care, safety and performance allows us to serve our customers with confidence for over 20 years.  We feel honored to serve you and your business.  Here are a few of our customers who think we did a great job:

“When I use Red River, I can simply ‘set it and forget it’. Red River does all the follow up work and ensures our customers get their material as soon as possible. They’ve made logistics so effortless for us that using anyone else has become unimaginable.” - Bill F.

"When entire projects are depending on a long haul delivery, we can rest assured that the Red River team is going to get the job done. Their trucks are reliable, dependable, and get the job done quickly. Our customers also recognize their excellent level of service, which is why Red River is our number one choice for our transportation needs. Thank you to all the wonderful staff at Red River, and we look forward to building our business relationship." - David T

"Red River Transportation, from the quotes to the trucks and the delivery notification the staff is very professional and courteous, always a pleasure to do business with them." - Tim M

"I just want to say dealing with Red River Transportation has been great, when I was in a jam they helped me out every time. Everybody there has been top notch, quick responses, good pricing and if they give you a price, they ship it at that price un-like other truck lines that give you a price and don’t find a truck at that price." - Bill T

"I choose Red River because they keep my freight costs down and I don’t have to worry about the small details. Red River consistently goes above and beyond what I expect in a truck load Broker." - Scott G

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"Many companies will intentionally "low ball" your quote knowing that it will not be enough to secure your truck. This results in the driver or transport company requesting more money--so you've got a low rate, no truck, and paying more on the back end. Red River pledges to give you the most affordable, accurate, and reliable quotes in the industry THE FIRST TIME."
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